Letter from Lead Pastor Dan Digman

Hey everyone,

     We have been following the national, state and local mandates regarding COVID-19 as we make decisions on how to move forward as a church. It was not easy an easy decision to temporarily suspend our in-person gatherings (Sunday service, small groups, series classes, etc.) but our board, staff and leaders are in full agreement that this is the correct course of action. These changes will be in place for a minimum of two weeks.

     As a church that has such a deep sense of community and love for each other, it is hard to wrap our minds around not having the ability to interact and worship in person these next few weeks. In fact, this is the first time since our church started six and a half years ago that we are not gathering on Sunday. We have had to overcome power outages, have impromptu services outside and battle snowstorms, but we have always found a way! However, COVID-19 has created a different circumstance in which we must consider the health of our city and obey what our leaders are asking us to do.

     Despite these circumstances, I am full of faith and excitement for this time. I think Jesus is going to teach us how to care for one another using the resources at our disposal and show love without being physically with each other. My hope is most of this will happen naturally in the relationships we have and not because we are setting up a new system.

     I am also full of excitement for how this is going to teach us to seek Jesus on our own. We can all benefit from learning how to seek Jesus and be near to him in our everyday life. Just this morning I was reading the Bible to my kids and we spent the time while they were eating breakfast talking about what we had just read. Claire and I are hoping to start our days as a family seeking Jesus together. 

     So again, we are suspending all gatherings for the time being and we will be closing the church office. Our staff will be working from home and we encourage you to follow the recommended standards for “social distancing” during this time. I have told our staff and group leaders not to schedule face-to-face meetings but we are available in a variety of other ways. Please reach out as you have needs and I hope people are naturally continuing in relationship because we all care and miss each other dearly.

     This Sunday we will begin to offer an online church service. We are still ironing out the details, but the plan is to have a page on our website and/or social media with announcements, a recording of the weekend’s teaching and suggested worship songs chosen by our worship leader. We will include links to those songs and lyrics. The hope is that although we are apart physically, this will help us stay in unity following Jesus. I am excited as I think about us doing this together on Sunday and feel free to be in your pajamas with full-on bed head!

     Finally, do not let COVID-19 cause you to fear. Jesus is still in control and he will use this for his glory and the good of those who love him. God makes this promise to his children and we can trust him! Ask him what he wants to grow in you in this season and then let him do it!

     As always, if you need anything or have any questions feel free to email me (, Nick Bastian ( or get in touch with your group leader. I am so thankful for our church family and I can’t wait to celebrate our church gathering together again.

Dan Digman 
Lead Pastor


We recognize that we are not healthcare professionals. If you would like more information, please refer to some of the resources below. To our knowledge, these resources are being updated regularly: