Letter from Lead Pastor Dan Digman

Dear Cedar Heights Church,

We feel grateful to have a space to meet indoors for the winter, but we want to do so as safely as possible. Below is information on what our service will look like and our safety protocols that will be in place for people gathering in person starting November 1st.

Service will be at 6:30 pm at State College Assembly Of God (2201 University Dr, State College, PA 16801) in the main auditorium.

Everyone age two and over will be required to be wearing a face mask throughout the service. Our worship team and pastors will remove their masks while on stage but have them on at all other times. We will have a limited supply of extra masks if you happen to forget yours.

We will have a team of people serving as our seating team. We will be spreading people out around the auditorium to assure we can remain socially distanced. You may sit with people you live with or are in your bubble.

For the duration of the winter, we will not be offering our kids program. We know not having kids program is difficult but there are many factors at play on this decision. We will have a children’s curriculum posted to our virtual program each week that we encourage you to do as a family. That can be found on our virtual program:

We hope most of the church will be able to gather in person but we understand some simply cannot and some would prefer to be more cautious. We will continue to offer our live stream that can be accessed as the service starts at 6:30 pm and will be available until the following Sunday. The video will be posted to our website barring any technical difficulties –

If you have recently had, or currently have, any of the new or worsening signs or symptoms of COVID-19, or if you know you have had close contact with someone who has been confirmed to have the virus in the past 14 days, please stay home and access online.  Everyone being diligent to do a good self-evaluation will help keep everyone else in our church family healthy.  If all of us are careful in our daily lives to minimize situations where we might be exposed to the virus, we can much more safely meet as a church family. Please use wisdom so we can continue to meet together without spreading sickness to one another and, thus, to others we interact with during the week.

For now, please avoid physical contact as we gather.  While no hugging, shaking hands, or fist bumps is inconsistent with our relational culture, for the time being, with many people in proximity of each other, it would be wise and respectful of others for us to use some caution.  Waves and kind words expressed will have to do for a while. Hand sanitizer will be available around the facility.    

We will not yet be serving coffee or donuts.  So please bring your own coffee or water to drink if you want them.  Please dispose of all of your own trash.  

We recommend to give your tithes and offerings on-line through our website or by sending them to our office (611 University Dr # 211, State College, PA 16801). We will also have a black lock box in the back of the auditorium that you can give your tithes and offerings before or after service.  

We will not yet be doing Team Cedar Heights, Series, or other trainings or events.  We will be praying for wisdom on when it is safe to start these meetings again.

We know that this has been a difficult and costly time for many and we will do our best to meet together in such a way that everyone remains healthy.  The bottom line is that we must continue to trust Jesus and, while using wisdom, we feel Cedar Heights Church must continue to gather together.

Dan Digman 
Lead Pastor


We recognize that we are not healthcare professionals. If you would like more information, please refer to some of the resources below. To our knowledge, these resources are being updated regularly: